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The Law Society of Swaziland is a statutory body, established by the Legal Practitioners Act 1964.
The Law Society of Swaziland has grown over the years. To keep up with the pace and for purposes of proper record keeping, theĀ  office developed a data base of all its members. The membership of the Society is diverse, with members in the private and public sectors and therefore an extraordinary body, with cross cutting functions and responsibilities. These include admitted attorneys in private practice, corporations, government and advocates both in Swaziland and South Africa. Currently we have a total of Four hundred and eighty(480) admitted attorneys.

TheĀ  Law Society is a body which has an obligation to society as a whole and should be seen to be proactive in matters relating to observance of the rule of law, administration of justice as well as effective control of the professional conduct of attorneys- regulation.

Objectives of the Law Society include amongst others, the promotion of uniform practice and discipline among practitioners, as well as to initiate and promote reforms improvements in any branch of law , administration of justice and formulation of legislation.

Other key stakeholders include the Government of Swaziland, particularly the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, which should give the society some measure of recognition and representation within the management and administrative arrangements of the judicial system and as such should be consulted in areas such as the appointment of judges.